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The Hymn Planner

A tool for collaborative worship planning built by church musicians for church musicians


Simple, Clean Interface

Built in Google Sheets, The Hymn Planner is easy to use and accessible in any web browser or on mobile apps so you can quickly and easily enter and view all your music information all in one convenient place.

Included with every planner is a separate sheet so your collaborators have near-instant access to all of your music selections, and some plans come with a comprehensive Service Details sheet that makes collaborative planning of all aspects of worship a snap!


Customized For Your Needs

Every Hymn Planner comes with pre-filled years of Sundays/major feasts and indexed titles and tunes of every hymn in your hymnal(s), making planning a snap.

With just a few keystrokes, a hymn's full information is filled in: title, number, and tune. From service music to voluntaries, planning the rest of the music in worship in one centralized place has never been easier.


Built and Refined For Over 10 Years

Since 2009 The Hymn Planner has grown to include many robust features while still remaining true to its core purpose of helping church musicians.

The latest version (v6.7) delivers a host of quality-of-life enhancements, greater flexibility, and more control.

For a more in-depth look at what the planner can do, take a look at our new User Guide, or better yet, give it a try yourself in the interactive demo!

Always automatically saved, and every edit is automatically synced to a separate document for your collaborators to view

Spend less time flipping through hymnals and resources and more time on the rewarding parts of your ministry


Streamline the collaborative process of planning worship, reducing errors and omissions

With the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the features of a database, your planner doubles as an easily-searchable archive and index


Not at all! THP is designed for music directors/music ministers/worship leaders of any denomination who plan congregational song and/or special music/anthems (instrumental, choral, vocal, etc.) THP is customizable for any denomination – current users include those who serve Episcopal, ELCA, PC(USA), UCC, and UMC churches, but we are happy to customize it for whatever your needs are!

Whether you plan a whole year or season all at once, in occasional bursts, or week-to-week, The Hymn Planner centralizes your planning so that you can focus on just what you need and frees up your time for other pursuits. Feel free to give it a try and see what you think!

We work with you to customize a planner that will work best for you: depending on your level of customization (Gold, Silver, or Platinum) different features are available by default, and the Planner can be augmented or adjusted at any time if you find your needs change or as you get a feel for it. Additionally, you have full access to all the underlying code, so those familiar with spreadsheet formula syntax can try adding their own functionality.

We have three levels of customization, starting at only $49, with no recurring or subscription costs, ever. Once you pay for this customization service, you have unrestricted access to the planner and your data in perpetuity. For more information, click here.

Any change to established practice can be tricky - even if you still have to send that weekly email with all your music choices or print them out for a staff meeting, The Hymn Planner will make it easier by keeping your planning centralized and not having to re-type anything - just copy and paste all your info at once!

We are always an email away to answer any questions you have or troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and thanks to the cloud-based nature of the Google Sheets platform, it is easy to grant us access to your planner to diagnose and fix any trouble directly in your document. If you have any other questions, drop us a line!

Try it now!


• No subscriptions or recurring payments: after paying the one-time fee, you have access to and complete control over your data in perpetuity
• All levels of customization include a planner and a sheet for collaborators to view
• Troubleshooting/technical support is always an email away



A basic planner with light customization. 

• preset calendar (additional services easily added by hand)
• up to four hymns and three pieces of voluntaries/anthems (e.g. prelude, offertory, postlude)
• includes a separate view-only output sheet for collaborators
• a great entry point for those new to planning on a spreadsheet, or for those who are comfortable customizing the basic template themselves


(most popular)

Everything in the basic planner plus a few more perks.

• includes additional Service Details sheet for comprehensive, collaborative worship planning that is automatically filled with lectionary readings and your music choices
• we customize your calendar to include every service you need, including multiple services on the same date if applicable
• up to seven hymns and sixteen additional columns for service music and voluntaries
• choose from a variety of preferences so we can help make the planner work best for you

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For power users, those already familiar with spreadsheets/databases who wish to further customize the look or behavior of the planner, and those interested in additional custom, unique features optimized for their workflow - we work closely with you to design a planner just for you! 

• need more custom fields, a more complex calendar, data migration, auto-fill columns, or dynamically responsive entries? We can help make a planner that is perfect for your unique needs

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